Wealth Management for Professional Athletes

Your Professional Athlete Career Calls for Professional Wealth Management

As a professional athlete, you face the same challenges everyone experiences when converting career earnings into lasting wealth. You also face demands that call for a higher level of financial care:

  1. Limited Earning Years: Where others typically have decades to reap their career rewards, your hard-won torrent of earnings comes fast and furious, across a much shorter timeframe.
  2. Heightened Time Constraints: The intensity of your career leaves you precious little time for carefully managing the financial affairs of your daily life as well as the proceeds you must preserve for the future. Not to mention, you deserve to enjoy a reasonable portion of your wealth along the way!
  3. Outside Threats: Your high profile generates high attention, along with an onslaught of investment opportunities. In reading the fine print, the “opportunities” often dissipate into complex risks and unclear rewards that lack the essential ingredient in investing: YOUR highest financial interests.
  4. Self-Inflicted Wounds: While competitive spirit and fast reaction have often rewarded you in your field, financial markets call for different skill sets. Many of the most effective competitive habits you’ve formed in your career may play against you as an investor seeking to build long-term wealth.

Wealth Management for Professional Athletes,

Safeguard your Success with Vistica Wealth Advisors

Vistica Wealth Advisors is your seasoned wealth management coach, experienced in serving professional athletes in a variety of capacities. We build close, personal relationships with you and your family, in an environment where your voice is heard and your highest financial interest is our only incentive. Our team of multifaceted professionals systematically addresses and carefully integrates each wealth component into your overall well-being, freeing you to get on with your career and your life.

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