Our Team

Family Dynamics in Action

When it comes to helping successful households manage family wealth within and across the generations (as well as serving the institutions and retirement plan sponsors who assist them), Vistica Wealth Advisors strives to embody family dynamics in action. We have strategically applied our team’s generations of experience to create an environment of open collaboration in which to practice multigenerational family wealth management.

Today, the Vistica Wealth team includes:

  • Jeff Vistica – Wealth Advisor
  • Dan Vistica – Wealth Advisor
  • Mike Giulianotti – Director of Business Development

Additionally, Vistica Wealth has partnered with BAM Advisor Services. BAM Advisor Services provides support, resources, administrative assistance as well as access to subject-matter and academic experts to more than 140 like-minded firms. Collectively these firms are known as the BAM ALLIANCE and manage or administer more than $33 billion (as of December 31, 2017) for individuals, families, institutions and retirement plans. For further information please visit the BAM Advisor Services or the BAM ALLIANCE websites.

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