Institutional and Non-Profit Wealth Management

Shared Experience Where it MattersInstitutional and non-profit wealth management

When prudently managing your small- to mid-sized institutional or nonprofit endowment ($1–$50 million), there’s no sense reinventing the wheel on common challenges faced:

  • Protecting – How do you represent your own, your donors’ and your beneficiaries’ best interests?
  • Investing – How do you effectively balance preservation and growth when investing your reserves?
  • Spending – How do you establish, implement and monitor reasonable spending policies?

At Vistica Wealth, our wealth management experience and community commitments of our own, position us to serve as your informed institutional wealth alliance. We know what it takes to navigate your institutional wealth through the challenges, onward to your unique opportunities.

Personalized Service Where it Counts

We treat you and your organization the same way we expect to be treated with respect to our own community engagements:

  • Fiduciary care – We are first and foremost fiduciaries, motivated only by your best interests.
  • Prudent financial stewardship – Our financial strategies are supported by the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act and the Uniform (UPMIFA) and the Prudent Investor Act.
  • Evidence-based investing – Our investment strategies are grounded in the science of investing.
  • Fair, transparent pricing – We provide fee-only advice, further aligning our interests with yours.
  • Seasoned experience – Our long-term relationships are based on clear communication, attentive service, accessibility and expertise with a wide range of institutional and nonprofit organizations.

Value to Depend On

As your fiduciary partner, we’ll roll up our sleeves and commit ourselves to you upfront and ongoing:

  • Creating multi-scenario projections to determine optimal balance of risk and return needed
  • Reviewing and helping create an Investment Policy Statement and spending plan
  • Managing all custodial issues (for example, account setup, transfers, disbursements) through a dedicated client service team
  • Providing clear and detailed quarterly performance reporting with benchmark comparisons and quarterly economic review/outlook
  • Attending presentations for committee meetings and as needed
  • Offering institutional bond expertise and pricing
  • Providing access to institutional and nonprofit research and education
  • And more …
Ready to learn more? Contact us today. We’ll send you our Endowment Spending Policies paper as a conversation-starter and invite you to join us for a complimentary discovery meeting.


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