Retirement Planning for Individuals & Families

 Replace Being Herded with Being Heard

Many successful families face a tricky dilemma: They may lack the $50–$100 million portfolio required to grab the attention of a traditional family office practice, but the confined mold of a big bank or brokerage firm isn’t a good fit for them, either. Their high-end careers or other sources of substantial wealth create financial logistics that are every bit as demanding as those faced by the ultra-wealthy, calling for high-touch, ongoing strategic management.

Vistica Wealth: Where Families Find Themselves

Vistica Wealth is here to serve successful professionals and their families who deserve right-sized advisory services for making the most of their career wealth. With dedicated wealth and strategic partners to who can provide family office services, we offer a better approach to replace the status quo of being underserved and overcharged for mediocre care.

In addition to serving West Coast professionals and their families, we are available to partner with retirement plan sponsors, institutional trustees and others seeking to build, enjoy and safely transfer generational wealth. We also offer experienced wealth management for professional athletes and the specialized challenges they face in converting concentrated career income into lifetime personal wealth.

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